Brushed Nickel Handles & Knobs

Easy Elegance

Castella’s range of nickel and brushed nickel fine interior handles gives you creative freedom to design an elegant and effortless look. 

Brushed nickel is easy to maintain, doesn’t show fingerprints, and is extremely durable. Pair with modern white cabinetry for a timeless style.

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    Brushed Nickel Handles & Knobs

    Brushed nickel complements a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, and can create a contrast with dark or light cabinetry. There are a range of options for brushed nickel cabinet handles and brushed nickel cabinet knobs, such as round, square, bow, or knurled designs. Castella offers a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit your preferences.

    Why Choose Castella

    Castella offers a globally sourced collection of fine interior kitchen and cabinetry handles. Clients, interior designers, and architects across Australia and the world will discover a beautiful range accompanied by lifetime guarantee and Castella’s signature customer service.

    Exclusive European designs

    Australian owned and operated

    Fast overnight delivery

    Lifetime guarantee