The Castella team are specialists in architectural hardware. We work closely with clients to develop design concepts, meet design specifications and advise on the perfect handles and knobs for your project. By consulting on a project, we can assist in saving time and money and will help you achieve the best possible result.

Not only do we have access to our stunning range or handles and knobs, we also provide bespoke design services.

Working together with clients, architects and designers, Castella can add considerable value to the process and assist you to deliver something extraordinary in your project.

The Castella philosophy concentrates on quality, reliability, customer service and partnerships. For us, reputation matters, and we will always aim to meet the high standards of our clients.


Why Choose Castella?

  • Castella has a wide range of handle products with the knowledge to find the right option for your project.
  • Our network of suppliers and distributors can source handles and knobs from across the world, with fast shipping within Australia.
  • Our bespoke services can help you create a unique handle for the perfect finishing touch.
  • A family business, we provide great customer service and attention to detail.
  • Our lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind.

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