Side View Modern Handles

Matt Black Handles & Knobs

Style, Effortlessly

Castella’s range of black cabinet hardware and matt black handles give you freedom to choose your style.

Matt black handles can create a sophisticated and modern look. Pair with timber cabinetry or modern white kitchens for the ultimate modern style.

A highly versatile finish, matt black is a popular choice in Australian kitchens and bathrooms. An alternative to graphite or chrome, matt black fits almost all styles and is an easy to maintain finish.

LEDGE 30mm Pull Handle Shop now
LEDGE 100mm Pull Handle Shop now
MANHATTAN 128mm Handle Shop now
MANHATTAN 224mm Handle Shop now
GALLANT 160mm Handle Shop now
GALLANT 320mm Handle Shop now
Castella Vogue-708.128.04
VOGUE 128mm Handle Shop now
Castella Vogue-708.192.04
VOGUE 192mm Handle Shop now
Stirling 220.128.04 Matt Black
STIRLING 128mm Handle Shop now
Stirling 220.192.04 Matt Black
STIRLING 192mm Handle Shop now
SLIDE 150mm Flush Pull Shop now
SLIDE 200mm Flush Pull Shop now
Castella Provincial-028.096.04
PROVINCIAL 96mm D Handle Shop now
Castella Provincial-028.160.04
PROVINCIAL 160mm D Handle Shop now
Cube 411.018.04
CUBE 18mm Knob Shop now
Cube 411.025.04 knob
CUBE 25mm Knob Shop now
Gyro 410.060.04 knob
GYRE 60mm knob Shop now
Gyre 410.090.04 knob
GYRE 90mm knob Shop now
Castella Rondure 224mm Matt Black Handle-793.224.04
RONDURE 224mm Handle Shop now
Castella Contour Rondure 793.320.04
RONDURE 320mm Handle Shop now
Corner 723.128.04 Handle
CORNER 128mm Handle Shop now
Corner 723.192.04 handle
CORNER 192mm Handle Shop now
Hinckley 408.128.04 Handle
HINCKLEY 160mm Handle Shop now
Hinckley 408.320.04 handle
HINCKLEY 320mm Handle Shop now
Castella Sputnik-022.128.04
SPUTNIK 128mm Handle Shop now
Castella Crescent-003.128.04
CRESCENT 128mm Bow Handle Shop now
Clement 405.192.04 handle
CLEMENT 192mm handle Shop now
Clement 405.320.04 handle
CLEMENT 320mm handle Shop now
KENNEDY 64mm Cup Pull (Imitation Screws) Shop now
KENNEDY 30mm Knob Shop now
TERRACE 160mm Handle Shop now
TERRACE 224mm Handle Shop now
Urbane Short Handle Matte Black
URBANE 128mm Handle Shop now
Urbane Square Handle Matte Black
URBANE 192mm Handle Shop now
Urbane Square Handle Matt Black
URBANE 25mm Square Knob Shop now
Urbane handle matt black
URBANE 25mm Round Knob Shop now

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