Brushed Nickel Handles & Knobs

Easy Elegance

Castella’s range of nickel cabinet hardware and brushed nickel handles gives you freedom to design the way you want to.

Brushed nickel handles can create an elegant and effortless look. Pair with modern white cabinetry for a timeless style.

Brushed nickel is easy to maintain, doesn’t show fingerprints, and is extremely durable.

Brushed Nickel

Castella Kennedy-050.030.05
KENNEDY 30mm Knob Shop now
Castella Kennedy-008.064.05
KENNEDY 64mm Cup Pull (Imitation Screws) Shop now
Castella Kennedy 056.034.05
KENNEDY 34mm Fluted Knob Shop now
Castella Kennedy-009.064.05
KENNEDY 64mm Cup Pull Shop now
chrome bar handle
TERRACE 320mm Handle Shop now
chrome bar handle
TERRACE 224mm Handle Shop now
chrome bar handle
TERRACE 160mm Handle Shop now
chrome cylinder knob
TERRACE 19mm Knob Shop now

Dull Brushed Nickel

Castella Retro-030.128.10
RETRO 128mm Handle Shop now
Castella Retro-030.096.10
RETRO 96mm Handle Shop now
Brushed Nickel Pull Handle
DECADE Cup Pull (Imitation Face Fixing) 76mm Shop now
brushed nickel short handle
DECADE Fluted Pull Handle 102mm Shop now
Brushed Nickel Knob
DECADE Dome Knob 35mm Shop now
GALLANT 32mm Knob Shop now
GALLANT 160mm Handle Shop now
GALLANT 320mm Handle Shop now
BUCKHURST 128mm handle Shop now
BUCKHURST 192mm handle Shop now
BUCKHURST 16mm knob Shop now
BENTLEIGH 32mm knob Shop now
Bentleigh 403.160.10 handle
BENTLEIGH 160mm handle Shop now
Clement 405.192.10 handle
CLEMENT 192mm handle Shop now
Clement 405.320.10 handle
CLEMENT 320mm handle Shop now
Gyre 410.090.10
GYRE 90mm knob Shop now
Gyre 410.060.10 knob
GYRE 60mm knob Shop now
Castella Contour Rondure 793.224.10
RONDURE 224mm Handle Shop now
Castella Rondure 320mm Dull Brushed Nickel Handle-793.320.10
RONDURE 320mm Handle Shop now
Castella Planar-032.096.10
PLANAR 12MM 96mm Handle Shop now
Castella Planar-032.160.10
PLANAR 12MM 160mm Handle Shop now
Castella Planar-066.096.10
PLANAR 22mm 96mm Handle Shop now
Castella Planar-066.160.10
PLANAR 22mm 160mm Handle Shop now

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